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Where we come from

Founded in 2005 by Liezl Naude, Eloquent Learning Health emerged from her successful private wound care practice and extensive involvement in training programs. Recognizing the need for specialized wound care training in South Africa, the company leveraged the founder’s affiliations with industry stakeholders, including wound care product manufacturers, distributors, and health publications. Liezl Naude’s leadership roles in associations like WHASA and international bodies like WAWLC shaped Eloquent’s trajectory, leading to its participation in organizing conferences and training sessions. Presently, the company focuses on Wound Management courses, symposiums, workshops, and conferences, collaborating with partners to extend training initiatives across Africa.

Our core principles

Empowering Individuals to Achieve Aspirations

Our primary principle centers on empowering individuals to attain their aspirations. Through comprehensive wound care training, we equip healthcare professionals with essential skills, fostering confidence and competence. This commitment to personal and professional growth ensures high-quality service delivery and substantial contributions to overall healthcare improvement.

Commitment to Learning in Wound Management

Our third principle unwaveringly focuses on providing learning opportunities in wound management. Acknowledging the significance of continuous education, we ensure healthcare professionals stay updated with the latest advancements and evidence-based practices. Dedicated to delivering relevant and timely information, our commitment reflects an understanding of healthcare's dynamic nature, emphasizing the necessity for professionals to be lifelong learners in their pursuit of excellence.

Seizing Opportunities and Providing Insights

Our second principle emphasizes seizing opportunities and providing valuable insights. While primarily focusing on advanced wound care training, we extend support by sharing expertise in initiating and managing healthcare practices. This commitment to guiding clients through challenges reflects our dedication to serving as a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals, covering specialized training and broader healthcare management.

Bridging Theory and Practice with International Standards

Our fourth principle emphasizes leading in wound management education by bridging theory and practice. Prioritizing practical knowledge rooted in scientific evidence, our training programs are designed to be informative and applicable in real-world clinical settings. Committed to international standards, we strive to make quality wound care accessible worldwide, setting a global standard for education.

Meet our Head Facilitator

Liezl Naude (RN, RM, WCN, AWCP, IIWCC)

Liezl is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Independent Consultant in Advanced Wound Care, founder of Eloquent Learning Health & Eloquent Health & Wellness in Pretoria, South Africa. With extensive experience in wound management, Liezl serves as Clinical Director for Eloquent Health & Wellness and Chief Lecturer at Eloquent Learning Health training academy. She is a founding member of the Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa (WHASA) and the World Alliance of Wound and Lymphoedema Care (WAWLC). Recognized for her contributions, Liezl has received honorary life membership from WHASA and international nurse leader recognition from the International Nurses Association (INA). She is a prolific presenter and published author in the field, specializing in diabetic foot, lower limb management, complicated wounds and sports injuries. Passionate about making a difference, Liezl is actively involved in global wound care training programs and research projects as an investigator and project leader.

Liezl Naude

“Making a difference and challenging others to do so in the field of wound management has always been a passion of mine. I firmly believe that empowerment is only possible through the sharing of knowledge and skills, thus imparting evidence based knowledge on a practical and applicable way. Knowledge and skills can only be valuable if it can be applied to any circumstances from the small rural village in Vhembe to the First-class Private hospital in Sandton” – L Naude